Sky lovers

Mother Nature has not endowed man with wings. But it generously compensated it by endowing him with mind, will and talent. They allow humans to raise into the ever beautiful and inviting sky and to feel confident and comfortable there. Just like at home.

About us

Tonight I am responsible for all the sky.
The star up there is a sign that is looking
for me amongst this crowd - and finds me.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, "Night Flight"

Aircraft management

Nothing shook or rattled, neither hyroscope nor altimeter flickrerd in the least, the engine was running smoothly; so now he relaxed his limbs a little, let his neck sink into the leather padding and fell into the mood of flight...

Antoine de Saint Exupery, "Night Flight"


There are no solutions.
There are only motive forces and our task
is to set them acting - then the solutions follow.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, "Night Flight"


You can't make old friends. Nothing can match the treasure of common memories, of trials endured together, of quarrels and reconciliations and generous emotions.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, "Wind, Sand and Stars"

Our partners

From above, how well-arranged world seemed! Neatly disposed, like a toy sheepfold in its box. Houses, canals and roads: men's playthings.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, "Southern Mail"

Contact us

Pro Jet Headquarters
Address: Im Finigen 6, Achim, 28832, Germany
Tel: +49 4202 99233 11

Representative office of Pro Jet
Address: 125445, Russia, Moscow,
Leningradskoe shosse, 65, building 3
Tel: +7 495 768 3806

Base MRO of Pro Jet – Friedrichhafen

Address: Am Flighafen 27/5,
Friedrichhafen, Germany
Tel: +49 4202 9923 33; +49 4202 9944 464

Line station of Pro Jet in Vnukovo

Address: 119027, Russia, Moscow,
Airport Vnukovo-3,
Borovskoe shosse 3/1, Hangar SRK-1,
Pro Jet office
Tel: +49 4202 9923 330

Line station of Pro Jet in Sheremetyevo

Address: 124340, Russia, Moscow,
Sheremetyevskoe shosse,
vladenie 2, stroenie 20, 6 floor
Tel: +49 4202 9923 330